About Chaucy

Chaucy Pottery – Creativity & Construction Coming Together

I’ve gone by Chaucy (pronounced shaw-see) since I was young. As a child, sewing dolls just wasn’t enough; making them was much more fun! Constructing the buckles, heels for shoes from scraps of cardboard; finding creative ways to make their hair, kept me busy for hours. I sketched and sketched to find that perfect next creation and how it would go together.

My love for fine art really grew and started to develop at a young age through the encouragement and support from my mother, and I found myself entering a Magnet School for Art in St. Louis. I took drawing and painting, but never a ceramics class until college. I found the clay and ceramics to be my most challenging medium. I was hooked!

After finishing college and receiving my BFA in Sculpture and Ceramics I packed up my truck and took off to the mountains and beauty of Colorado. My love for ceramics and working with clay was a constant thread through those years, as I worked a multitude of odd jobs to make ends meet, met inspirational people and other skilled potters and artists, sometimes sharing studio space and always swapping ideas. I settled down in Parker, Colorado to raise a family, but always kept a working studio. Sometimes it was in the garage, sometimes the laundry room. I finally found my own space in a corner of the unfinished basement.

Then the chaos began! Four kids, two dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs have all been residents in my studio. It’s only fitting that, in 1998, my business should start in this way: all the things I love surrounding me constantly. My home and studio together, customers coming and going, kids in and out, friends helping me glaze pottery, home shows and art festivals. It worked. It was chaotic. And it was a lot of fun!

The business grew, the kids grew, I grew out of my small basement studio. It was time to get serious.

In 2012 I established my pottery business and rented a retail space for a studio, a gallery/shop, and bought a space at the Colorado Renaissance Festival. Whew. I brought with me all my experiences, ideas, designs, customers, and of course my pets (minus the guinea pigs and rabbits).

My love for my children, my natural surroundings, and animals of all kind have been my inspiration throughout my life, and it’s my hope that you see this coming through in my work and creativity.

It’s been an amazing, rollercoaster of a career, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.