Peach Cobbler in Paonia

Chaucy Pottery Has Arrived in Paonia

The long wait is over and Chaucy, Henry, Happy and Bob are officially Paonia residents! Sammi here, taking over the keyboard once again. I’m in Chaucy’s dining room typing away while she’s in the kitchen making a peach cobbler with fresh peaches we picked from a local orchard earlier in the day. “I’m the worst pie crust maker,” Chaucy says. “But that’s ok it still tastes good.”

Yes it does. I’m getting a little taste of Paonia life and now I understand why Chaucy fell in love with the place. It’s quiet and peaceful in the valley. Until about 3:30 AM when the coal train rolls through town (not every day). Life moves at a much slower pace and you can walk almost everywhere. There are orchards in every direction. The town is full of public art and other creatives just like Chaucy. I might not leave Paonia…

But if you think all we’re getting done is pickin’ peaches and looking at sidewalk art, wrong. The studio is really coming along. Besides the much anticipated all-glass garage door that will be installed soon, the studio is finished. The kilns are all set up and Chaucy is hoping to hop on the slab roller and into the clay in the next few days. The one-woman pottery show will be up and running in no time.

We’re so excited to have visitors come to the new studio. If you’re local, walk on over and say hello! Don’t let Happy and Bob’s barking scare you away. Or if you find yourself on the Western Slope, make a pit stop in Paonia. We’re still making our way around town but we’d love to meet new people and see friendly faces. Cheers from Paonia, we hope to see you soon!