Frequently Asked Questions

You can find some of my most frequently asked questions here. I create stoneware pottery, which means it’s very strong and meant to be functional and durable. I chose stoneware because I like the deep, rich color variations and textures of the clay body. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me.

Is your pottery food safe?
YES! All pottery is food safe. We only use American-made clays and glazes that are guaranteed to be lead-free and food safe.

Is your pottery microwave safe?
YES! Our high-fired pottery is matured fully and can be microwaved.

Is your pottery dishwasher safe?
YES! All pottery is dishwasher safe.

Can I use your pottery in the oven?
Yes, however, while stoneware pottery can tolerate both cold and hot temperatures, it can break if subjected to them too quickly.

Care Instructions
To care for your pottery, avoid scratching your stoneware pottery with hard bristled brushes or scraping food off with sharp objects. Stoneware pottery is strong and durable but should still be treated with care to maintain each pieces longevity.

Do you take custom orders?
We do not, however, we do take special orders during our downtime. This means that if you see a current design that I create and you would like it on a particular piece, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Contact us via email or by phone for more information on special orders.

What is your shipping policy?
All pottery is ready-to-ship, packed and shipped directly from our studio in Colorado via USPS Priority. Products are often double boxed to insure safe receipt. All products are insured through USPS.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Acceptable forms of payment are cash, personal checks, bank checks, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and most debit cards with Mastercard/Visa logo. Please make all checks payable to Pottery by Chaucy.

What is your return policy?
All sales are final. Please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your purchase if there are any issues. If shop owner and buyer agree to a return, item must be returned in its original condition and original packaging. Once we receive the return we will issue a full refund of the item.

Do you offer gift certificates?
We do! They are available in-store and are redeemable in-store. Gift certificates are not valid for online Etsy purchases.