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It’s that time of the year. The days are finally getting longer and spring is right around the corner! But Mother Nature can’t fool me. This is Colorado, and springtime in Colorado brings some of our heaviest snowfall, even in Paonia. Despite the snow, there are flowers blooming everywhere in my studio! All of your spring favorites. Even a few snowmen have stuck behind. Take a look to see what’s new and be sure to keep tabs on my Etsy shop through the entire month. You never know what new items will be posted.

But did you know that if you create an Etsy account and favorite my shop you will be automatically notified when I add new items? It’s that easy! You can even be notified via email. Or if you’re a constant Etsy cruiser (Shhh I won’t tell) you can switch off the email notifications and only see them on your Etsy homepage.

If you’re looking for a particular item to be restocked feel free to start an Etsy conversation with me to see when it will be restocked. I sometimes get flooded with messages when I’m in the clay, but I have become proficient at responding to Etsy conversations, if I do say so myself! Since Etsy has become an essential part of my business, it is open on ALL of my devices throughout the day while I am working in the studio. It chimes at me every time I receive an Etsy conversation and I respond as soon as I have washed all the clay off of my hands.

My post office package cart is at the ready and the pups are happily waiting to go on some walks. Well, Happy is, I’m not so sure about Bob. Happy Spring!